A celebrations of flavors that will evoke your emotions.

Delicious food, drinks and cocktails that appeals to all tastes and will enliven all your senses.

Myros Adults Main Restaurant

The Myros Main Restaurant, offers our guests a visual feast and an abundance of unbelievable flavours for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each day, the themed and Gala evenings will further enhance your culinary experience.

Capacity: 500 people
Breakfast: 07.30 - 11.00
Late breakfast: 11.00 - 12.00
Lunch: 12.30-14.30
Snackline: 15.00 - 17.00
Dinner 19.00 - 21.30
Late night snack buffet: 23.30 - 07.30
Room Service 00.00 - 08.00 (Payable)

Balbura Snack House

We look forward to welcoming you with an abundant, varied menu prepared by our highly values chefs, and the delicious food you choose will be served to you by our friendly service team.

Location: Balbura Restaurant

Capacity: 50 people

Service Hours: 15.00-17: .00

Service / menu type: Optional Menu

Myra Main Restaurant - Liberty Lykia

An opulent Ultra All inclusive open buffet.

A fusion of delicious flavours, the cool breeze from the sea and a magnificent sea view.

You can comfortably see inside our kitchens through the perspex glass panels; our talented, experienced and celebrated chefs have carefully prepared and presented for you some the world’s and Turkey’s celebrated culinary delights. The vast majority of dishes are freshly cooked at the buffet in front of you and served to you hot. The Marina restaurant serves breakfast, late breakfast, afternoon lunch, snacks after lunch and evening meals from 07.30 until 21.30.

The comfortable Libby and Berty children’s restaurant at the main Myra restaurant appeals to the taste buds of younger guests.

Besides this, there is a selection of boiled produce waiting to be made into baby food on the “Babies corner” buffet. All you need to do is state what ingredients what you want in your baby food.

Kalynda Snack House

How about sampling the delectable snacks we have carefully prepared for you between lunch and dinner? We look forward to meeting you at the Kalynda snack house furnished with wooden seats and set within a verdent environment.

After a evening of fun and meeriment, your food journey continues here.

Location: Apollon Bar Area – Liberty Likya

Capacity: 80 covers

Service gegins at: 14.00-18.00 / 23.30-07.30

Service/menu type: Open Buffet

Pınara Turkish Restaurant

Traditional Turkish cuisines most delicious and flavourful dishes. Bringing together a myriad of traditional Turkish cuisines most delicious dishes and legendary flavours; kebabs, döner, lamb cooked in pit ovens, choice of flat breads, desserts and not forgetting, the National drink, Raki. The synergy between a traditional brand of authentic Anatolian entertainment, the evenings surprise (Belly Dancer) and local music provides our guests with an unforgettable and memorable evening for 6 days of the week. Each evening natural organic produce foraged from the vegetable patch directly next to our Turkish restaurant is broken off from the branches, stalks or stems, washed and presented for your approval.

Location: Children's Paradise area - Liberty Lykia

Capacity: 140 covers

Service for evening meals only begins at: 19.30 until 22.00

Service / Menu type: Open buffet

Pınara Turkish Restaurant requires reservation and extra payment

Sarpedon Fish Restaurant

An evening meal with magnificent sea-views and a mesmerising sunset.

The Sarpedon is a seafood restaurant which offers the Mediterranean seas most delicious and freshest fish produce.

The magnificent sea views connects the Sarpedon restaurant with the unrivalled sunset, it is these unique features the Sarpedon possesses as a venue which enables guests to enjoy a memorable evening in an calming atmosphere. The restaurant is available for 6 days a week.

Location: Sarpedon pool side – Liberty Lykia

Capacity: 50 covers

Service begins at: 19.30 until 22.00 For evening meals only.

Service / Menu Type: Fixed Menu,

Sarpedon Fish Restaurant requires reservation and extra payment

Balbura Italian Restaurant

The Balbura offers guests the unique flavours of Italian cuisine within a calming and relaxing ambience set to a backdrop of the stunning mountains. At the beginning of the season, guest can enjoy eating their meals outdoors, and at the end of the season the Balbura moves indoors.  The restaurant is open for 6 days of the week bringing together the unique tastes of Italian cuisine as well as an extensive selection of fine wines for it’s guests.

Location: Liberty Lykia Adults only

Capacity: 55 covers

Service begins at: Evening meal service only commencing at 19.30 until 22.00

Service / menu type: A La Carte menu

Balbura Italian Restaurant requires reservation and extra payment

Balbura Steak Restaurant

Dry Age, Beautifully presented prime cuts rested in it’s specially controlled refrigerated cabinet.

Specially prepared and rested prime cuts of Dry-aged meats beautifully presented for their guests 6 nights a week by the skilled chefs at the Balbura Steak Restaurant.

Location: Liberty Lykia Adults only

Capacity: 15 covers

Service begins at: 19.30 until 22.00

Service / Menu Type: Fixed menu

Balbura Steak Restaurant requires reservation and extra payment

Soura Restaurant

A platform constructed in the sea parallel to the shore with a single table with the sound of the sea waves, the scent of iodine and amazing flavours.

There is only one table at the Soura restaurant where you will have your own dedicated chef and waiter offering their exemplary services throughout the entire experience. This is a unique concept for those who want to indulge in a totally different experience. An ideal venue for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and making that all important proposal to your loved ones.

Location: Liberty Lykia Wedding platform

Capacity: 6 covers

Service begins at: 19.30 until 22.00

Service / Menu type: A different fixed menu each day.

Soura Restaurant requires reservation and extra payment

Phaselis Chinese Restaurant

Specialties of the Chinese cuisine blended with the original flavors of the Far East such as meat, fowl, and seafood are waiting for you in an exotic atmosphere.

Location: Apollon Bar Area

Capacity: 50 covers

Service begins at: 19.30 until 22.00 for evening meals only

Service/Menu Type: A differend fixed menü each day

Reservation is required

Olympos Sushi Restaurant

Are you ready for an unforgettable holiday memory with Sushi, the most famous dish of traditional Japanese Cuisine, prepared with wasabi, soy souce, and pickled ginger? 

Location: Apollon Bar Area

Capacity: 20 covers

Service begins at: 19.30 until 22.00 for evening meals only

Service/Menu Type: Selective menü

Reservation is required



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